Call for papers 2018
IJSR, initiate a call for research paper in all areas every month. From original research papers, survey papers, case studies and academic or scholarly articles to extended versions of previously published papers in conferences, scholarly journal or academic peer reviewed international journals, we welcome high quality work that focuses on research, development and application in the given below areas.

Social science and Humanities: Social Science and Humanities, Sociology, Social Welfare, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Visual Arts, Political, Cultural Aspects of Development, Tourism Management, Public Administration, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Education, Women Studies and so on.
Sciences and Engineering: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Science, Energy, Mathematics, Molecules, Physics and Astronomy, Remote sensing, Sensors, Engineering, Material Science, Statistics.
Business and Economics: Business and Marketing, Economics, Financial Development, Accounting, Banking, Management, Human Resources etc.
Agriculture Science: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, Agronomy Animal Science, Bio- technology, Agricultural Botany, Soil Science, Plant Breeding, Plant Technology, Environmental Science, Crop Science, Horticulture
Medical Science: Medicine and Dentistry, Nursing and Health Professions, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Science, Veterinary Medicine.

IJSR's this quest for quality is reflected in the structure of journal's editorial board as well as the strong network of reviewers, which allows the peer review process to be rigorous and constructive, helping to advance research work.

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